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The best app to track your progress Thank to AimHarder your clients will be able to record their WOD results on each day and track their progress like you've always wanted. Our app looks through all your history to find out if you've done the same workout before, it show you your progress chart and congrats you whenever you hit a new PR.
  • Smart WOD analysis
  • Medals & animations with your records
  • WOD rankings
  • Wokout calendar
  • Analytics
  • Favorite WOD list
  • Body progress track
Flexible workout designer The best WOD designer you can ger. With 12 types of workout, advanced options and more than 5000 exercises available, you can schedule all kind of WODs. You don't have time? It's, OK, you can also write the workout with our "Free text" workout type.
  • Weights by sex
  • Separate workouts for each class
  • More than 1000 WODs benchmark WODs (Girls, Héroes, Open...)
  • All the necessary weight & distance units (%RM, %BW, Kg, lbs...)
  • Build your own exercise database with your pictures and videos
  • Schelude your WOD posts
  • Send push notifications with each WOD
Ask for your online demo Our experts will resolve all the doubts you may have
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Strengthen your community The best way to keep your athletes connected. With AimHarder you athletes can follow their friends, give them trophies, comment on their workouts and compete with them on your own leaderboard. All without loosing the control over their privacy.
  • Connected athletes
  • Custom push notifications
  • Send comments, trophies, GIFs...
  • Box leaderboard
  • Athletes chat
  • Privacy control
Exercises progress If there is one thing that motivates an athlete is to be able to see their progress along time. Our "Records" feature remember your athletes their scores on each exercises, calculates their 1 rep max and shows them their evolution with charts on 1, 3, 5 and 10 reps.
  • 1 rep max estimation
  • Progress charts on 1, 3, 5 & 10 reps
  • Workout history on each exercise
  • Technique videos
No more runaway from burpees With our Surprise WOD feature you can post all your workouts and at the same time have the peace in mind that none of your athletes will be able to see them before coming to class. Your WODs and your clients results will be hidden until the last minute.
  • Hidden workout until athletes come to class
  • Customize Surprise WOD schedule
  • Custom exceptions for the clients you want
Competition builder Organize individual & public competitions. Customize your categories, description and settings on your own competition website. Set up online qualifyiers, contact your competitors and manage all your leaderboards easily.
  • Online inscription
  • Automatic webpage for your event
  • Schelude online qualifyiers
  • Custom categories (individual, mixed, teams, per age...)
  • Custom t-shirt & equipment sizes
  • Volunteers
  • CSV/Excel export